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June P.O.M. Contest
« on: June 02, 2021, 08:23:06 PM »
This month the Theme is Fishing. Any picture can be entered...
1. Pictures can be shot anywhere, as long as they are shot by you.
2. ONE picture with a maximum length on the long side of the photo must be no more than 800 pixels.(If either side of your image is larger than 800 resolution it must be re-sized to comply.)
3. If you win one month, you are out the next.
4. Anyone can submit images including moderators.  This is because the winner will be chosen by the site on an anonymous poll at the end of the month.
5. Winners will have their picture put on the front page of the site.
6. No artistic creations are allowed.  In general, if you are taking something out of the photo it's ok but if you are adding something to an image or changing the original intent of your image and subject it isn't allowed.  For example, adding in more antler on a deer, cloning in more birds, or adding in rain/snow is no longer allowed. However, if you take the color out and make it black and white, clone out a barb wire fence that was distracting, or sharpen an image that is OK.  The intent of this contest is for natural captures only although other artistic creations can be posted in the photo section.  HDR is allowed.  This is a subjective area to judge and we will have to judge if you have gone too far in post process.
7. Theme: Fishing
8. If you accidentally enter two Images the last one that you submitted will be entered in the Contest.
9. Images will be accepted for the contest until the Poll for that month is put up.

Proposed POM Schedule:
January - Snow/Winter
February - Open
March - Predators
April - Open
May - Birds
June - Fishing
July - Open
August - Velvet
September - Elk
October - Fall
November - Open
December - Harvest Photos. Any picture can be entered
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