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Yesterday I headed up to set up my new Cam and get a couple cards. On the way up the Valley I was attacked by a Wild Turkey in the road!!!  :shocked: I slowed down and stopped as he was in the middle of the road. He CHARGED the Truck!!!  :shocked: I threw it in reverse and started backing up? I couldn't see him? He didn't turn and go up the hill I checked the mirrors to see if he was on either side of the truck? I couldn't see him anywhere? I backed up some more to see if he was in the road and still I couldn't see him? I started honking the horn and moving forward and still didn't see him? As i am rolling forward and still honking I finally see him in the mirror on the right in the ditch? WTF I started rounding the corner and there was a sign FRESH EGGS!!! I guess he thought they were his Girls?  :laugh: It looks like a couple Legal Bucks a couple piscutters and a bunch of Does and Fawns so far?

One of the lil guy.

those are great

nice pics

I hiked into the cams yesterday. I hit the trail at 6:00am hoping to see some deer. No dice.  :cry: It was suppose to be clear and sunny but there was a slight drizzle. Unfortunately not much change with the Deer coming in. A couple more smaller bucks. And the same Bucks from before.


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