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Re: 6th Annual Heads and Horns Competition
« Reply #15 on: February 28, 2015, 06:24:58 PM »
That night sleep came a little easier, I'm the big guy, guess who gets hind quarters  :laugh:

 We were up really early the next morning, earliest of the trip. By 1st light we started calling  in no time at all there was a bull grunting a loonnngg way off, within 20 minutes we got our first glimpse of a bulling heading our way, he was coming but slow, these guys don't exactly come in on a string, more kinda wishy washy, but still coming in. I had the spotter on him the entire time. We would loose him, then see him again. This went on for quite a while, finally at about 200 yards we determined he had 4 brow tines on one side.
 We kept calling and he kept coming. Finally he came to the opening we were camped in and he turn trying to wind us, I picked an opening and placed 1 shot behind his 40 yds. He took 1 giant step forward behind some trees where I couldn't get another shot, after about forever he went into reverse and that was it.
 Our 2nd bull 12 hours apart!

 We spent the next 2 days packing and flying meat, gear and ourselves out.
 John decided not to take a bull because his freezer was still full from the previous year, even though we had several bulls coming through camp, all told we had about 8 bulls (that we knew of) that passed within 400 yards of camp by the time we left.

 This was an incredible trip!


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