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Comment on an old thread from May of 2013
« on: June 02, 2014, 07:25:56 PM »
I'm an old timer and part of the reason I'm old is I wouldn't touch a duplex load! Probably find out something about them, no body will guarantee your safety!

  I realize this is an old subject, but the fact is the duplex loads are still used today by many collectors of black powder cartridge rifles, especially old black powder double rifles.
   There is a legitimate reason for the use of duplex loads in those old black powder cartridges.  The quality of today's black powder is not up to the standard of the powder that was used in those old rifles, especially double rifles. 

  In many cases it is not possible to get a regulating load with only black powder in those old doubles.  A very small amount of a fast burning powder at the primer end, with the black powder on top.  The key to making this duplex load safe is there must be some Dacron fiber filler between the top of the load and the base of the bullet.  This filler must be slightly compressed between the powder, and the base of the bullet so the powder cannot migrate.

  Ross Siefried has written many articles on this subject, articles that have put many of these old double rifles back in the hunting fields where they belong, instead of on display racks in our trophy rooms.

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