Author Topic: Bringing in an animal to the Taxidermy shop, Important information is needed.  (Read 3245 times)

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I have ran into this in the past with people not bringing the correct information with them for the records part of taxidermy. This is one of the most important thing that needs to be taken care of besides the trophy.

This is all the information that needs to go into the ledger for Fish and wildlife or I cannot take in the animal. These are Must have things.

The Hunters Name
Physical address
Description of species received
County where taken and GMU when available
The License number (doc#on the license itself)
Tag number (doc# on the tag)
Wild ID
Permit# when applicable
Seal Number when applicable

Out of state is no different but the numbering systems may be.  

This is must have information that needs to be presented at the time of delivery of the fresh specimen, If I don't have it when you bring the critter in it gets turned away. So save yourself a head ache and make sure you are prepared.  

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What do you need to have if you are dropping off a specimen your buddy , wife, dad etc has harvested. Does not matter if it is just a cape , shoulder mount , or a antler mount.

  WAC 232-12-077 Wildlife Taken by another :
It is unlawful to possess wildlife taken during the open season by another unless it is accompanied by a statement which shows the name, address, hunting , fishing, or other license or permit number and a signature of the taker, the date, county, and GMU where taken.

 Make sure when bringing in a buddy's critter to have that statement with you . No need for taking a chance on a citation and investigation for not having a simple piece of paper with a statement written out with the above information.

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Hope this info helps people understand a few things about documentation for bringing a trophy into a Taxidermy shop. Please pass this information on to your buddy's and fellow hunters. Its allot easier to have everything ready when you come. Just remember also that the tag is supposed to stay with the meat so if you are taking it to a butcher or hanging it at your house, make sure to write down the doc#off of your tag when you bring the critter in for Taxidermy purposes.  
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Good info charlie, I've always thought it was just the notched tag with your own identification!


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The Tag is to remain with the meat.


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