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my baby Blacktails


getting the cameras ready once archery season is over here and got these blacktails on the property. Gonna get all the cameras out this coming weekends in some spots I have scouted.  Gimpy was a nice buck until he hurt his leg and he showed up with this regressed 2 pt. The year before last he was a nice young 3pt but showed up later in the year with a bad leg and broke off horn. Now he is still gimping around but doing well except for his horns :laugh: 

The first pic is a new buck that showed up after rutting the does I feed. He has stuck around over the last month and comes in every 3 days. 

another pic

date isn't right on the camera, I just set it but the last pic is from a couple weeks ago when I first bought the camera and didn't set the date. 


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