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Alaska Guidecreations Binopack
« on: September 30, 2010, 05:23:17 PM »
I've been searching for a solution for carrying binos on my torso and have tried a few solutions.  Just before the archery season I purchased the Alaska Guidecreations binopack: and used it during 19 days of backpack hunting this month.  It is a bit bulkier than just a harness because it completely encloses the binos and has 4 additional pockets.  I filled the four pockets with 1) license/tags, 2) lens pen, lens cloth, and microlight, 3) water purification tablets, and 4) SPOT and extra batteries.  The license and tags didn't get much use. :-(  The lens cleaning tools were a bit more convenient than their previous storage places. The water purification tablets were used all the time and having them in the binopack made them very convenient. The SPOT device was used all the time to send "OK" messages home and to hunting buddies tracking my hunt; it was very convenient to have it up front.

I had Laurie make 3 modifications to the pack:  1) removed the strap and buckle to close the main compartment and added a turn-button closure I got from Nimrod (like they use on their pouches) so that opening and closing became a one-had operation; 2) added a small D-ring to the inside of the main pocket to which I tied a short piece of 550 cord and clipped the end to the binos as a safety tether; and 3) shortened the straps/cut off the extra strap length and added finger pulls to the ends just to customize the fit.

After the first week of hunting one strap started tearing away from the main body, but Laurie easily fixed that.

I'd recommend the product for someone looking for that type of device.  Jaret Owens is a real personable guy and spent 30 minutes on the phone with me when I ordered the product.  He offered to send it prior to paying to see if it was what I wanted and offered to ship it faster than usual to accommodate my late ordering and up-coming Hells Canyon hike.  (I did not take him up either--I just sent the check the next day and the pack arrived in 2-3 days.  He's just a regular guy trying to make a living guiding a selling a good product.)



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