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We started this board at the request of one of the members. Let’s see what you, your family members and relatives have. :cool:

  •  We would like everyone to post a picture, story, score and which# it is in the record book.
  •  Also which record book it is in?(Boone and Crockett, Pope & Young, S.C.I., Wa. State, Rowland Ward )
  •  WE would ask that whoever harvested the animal be a member. Unless they are deceased.
  •  Once they are a member it's OK for you to post for them.
  •  You may go back in time, say ten years.

ok where's your exotics Michal

Sorry ( Michael )

OK I took this Southern Greater Kudu in R.S.A (Republic of South Africa) on 6/13/08. The other gentlemen on the left was my P.H. Marius. I was sitting in a ground blind on water with Marius and a whole herd came in. About 10 or 12 Kudu I didn't count them? I was concentrating on taking the biggest bull......LOL.. There were two Big Bulls!!! The other Bull had a broken tip so shooting this guy was a no Brainer. He walked in and turned broadside at 15 yards and I sent a 100gr Silver Flame through his heart. He ran 80 yards and went head first into the ground and did a somersault head over heals!!! I thought O.M.G. he just busted off his Horns. The orange tint on his horns is from the soil(read previous sentence). I just had him Officially measured by Thomas Johnson for S.C.I.(Safari Club International) Length of Horn Left 55 0/8 Right 53 3/8 Circumference of Horn Left 10 4/8 Right 10 3/8 Final Score S.C.I. is 129 2/8 The Bow Minimum is 108 Rifle minimum is 121. Gold Medal minimum for Bow is 128 3/8 Rifle is 131 1/8. He placed 78th in the World  :cheesy:

sweet . I knew I could perswade you . Nice kudo


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