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This is for Trophy's that were not entered into the record book. Let’s see what you, your family members and relatives have. :cheesy:
   •   We would like everyone to post a picture, story, and Unofficial score.(who scored it?)
   •   WE would ask that whoever harvested the animal be a member. Unless they are deceased.
   •   Once they are a member it's OK for you to post for them.
   •   You may go back in time, say ten years.

One I just killed.

Bucklucky taped it out at camp. He said it's 256 and same change. It will have it scored at the Puyallup show this year.


If he gets entered in the Record Book we will move him to the other thread. Really nice Bull!!! Enter him in the Huntin contest. Draw Tag?  :cool:

Draw Tag. see story and more pics posted under mudflow hunt in elk hunting.


Archery bull 340 9/12/2009 aprox score 335. coach's bull


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