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Nikon Monarch 1200 Rangefinder


Any of you guys own a Nikon 1200? I am wondering what the actual ranges are, and how far you can range big game???

I had one and the key word is had.  It ranged animals easily out to 700 yards and trees, rocks out to 850.  I bought a demo one from cameralandny, ranged a coyote at 450, killed it and put it in my safe for 6 months and then it wouldn't range past 200yards when I used it next. Never dropped or abused.   Sent it to Nikon and they wanted $250 to fix it, luckily Doug pulled some strings and got it replaced with a new one.  I sold it before trying it again..  I don't think id buy another Nikon but if you do make sure it has a warranty.   I am Leary since Nikon has so many refurbished products. 


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