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Deer Hunting / Back from Montana
« on: November 12, 2014, 02:38:15 PM »
Tmike and I left last Tuesday for a quick trip to the ranch to see what we could scare up, Our goal this year was to get his son his first buck and cow then after that we would look for 170 or better. Work obligations had us on a quick trip with only 4 days to hunt so this was going to be tough, and as it turned out we were only able to hunt  the ranch one day so we spent the rest on public land. None of the pics I am posting came from the ranch 90% are public land bucks and the rest from other private ground in the area. I know some images will not be of great quality as I was shooting with a 400mm lens hand held without IS and others are digiscoped through a spotter so forgive me for that.

Wednesday driving in in the afternoon we found 4 bucks in a hole and one we liked for the kid, we watched him from a mile away checking every doe on the hill. After discovering they wouldn't play with him he got frustrated walked up to the head of the draw and tore up a bush for about ten minutes before bedding down, we named him Angry Doug after Angry Doug Baldwin. It was getting late so we would head to the cabin and come back in the morning. Thursday we got back to the hole to look for Angry Doug and after about 20 minutes Tmike spots him walking right below us!!! We scramble to get the kid set up and after a couple quick digiscoped pics of him he escapes down in the bottom without a shot and we loose track of him. Knowing where we saw him the night before off we know we are in for a hike. Tmike & his son, Me and my daughter go down and across to the other side to look for him. A mile later I finally spot him bedded and we are in a perfect position so we get set up. His son was as cool as could be and after about 5 minutes he says he wants to try and shoot him right in his bed, so we looked at each other and thought why not? He was shooting good at the range and had a good rest. The 13yr old made a perfect 310 yard shot with his Dads 300 win mag and smoked Angry Doug right in his bed  :clap:
 I don't have permission to post Tmike's kid so he will have to decide if he wants a harvest pic up but here he is when he walked out below us, Angry Doug on the hoof!

Deer Hunting / Montana 2013 (Dirty Dozen)
« on: November 07, 2013, 08:15:23 AM »
Here we go again! The first wave of the Dirty Dozen is scheduled for departure Friday after work. Myself and Elkoholic123 will be meeting up at Tmikes for the drive from Seattle while Flatlander will leave from Tulsa OK about the same time and the cabin is our intercept point!

Been looking forward to this trip for sometime now for obvious reasons, A good time at the ranch is a given. Hunting with great friends and excited to see my bro from OK!!!

 I'm placing this In deer hunting because that will be the main focus with the rut just kicking into high gear but we will be looking to fill a couple of cow tags and do a little damage control on yotes and prairie dogs as well.

Have heard deer numbers appear to be up and the weather will be cold wich is a good sign for me so I won't be hunting in a T shirt for once!  :laugh:

As usual I will funnel updates to Phool and Pope since we are out of service a good portion of the time.

Will be on the lookout to see if this guy made it through last season!!!

Muzzleloader Hunting / Who's hunting with a muzzy?
« on: September 06, 2013, 04:37:57 PM »
Well it's coming up quick and I haven't heard much talk???  :dunno:  ... is anyone hunting muzzy this year? I usually just hunt Elk but I am going to hunt Both WA deer and elk muzzy this year beacuse of the new job. I am threatening to use it in Montana as well.

Anything Sports related / No Blue Angels at Seafair!
« on: April 09, 2013, 10:14:31 AM »

Anything Sports related / Seahawks Host QB's & look at Winfield
« on: April 08, 2013, 10:03:38 PM »
Not sure about the choices they are looking at for backup??? not thrilled with any of them but I guess the pickins are slim ... Thigpen might be the front runner there but I'm most excited about Winfield  :clap: I made the statement awhile back that hoped they would bring him in  :tup:

I still say I would have made Wallace a receiver!  :angry: Is it too late?

General Discussion / Now we cant teach kids what a gun is?
« on: March 06, 2013, 10:24:06 AM »
Anyone else hear of this one? I'm wondering what your thoughts are?

Personally I think they are making a bigger deal out of it than it is, Mom needs to just deal with it.  IMO guns exist and removing all pics and talk of it from a child's life doesn't make them go away. I'd rather have my child know what one is and also have the chance to educate them ... Your thoughts?

Anything Sports related / Hawks- Skins
« on: January 06, 2013, 02:26:21 PM »
How can that Ref call Rice's catch out of bounds in the beginning of the second quarter???  :angry: He's right on top of the play and Rice was clearly in!! Grrr  even though we most likely would have challenged it I'm just glad that the others overturned it  :rolleyes:

Anything Sports related / Is it just me?
« on: January 06, 2013, 10:02:34 AM »
I'm allready tired of hearing about Ray Lewis!!!  :angry:   What happened to the days when a guy waited until the end of the season to announce? IMO a guy that does it early is just looking for the attention. personally I think he has had a great career but best ever, not so sure about that? and his antics make me care less  :twocents:

This also reminds me of 05 when the bus retired ... they made such a big deal about it even the refs gave them every break in the world ... I just hope it doesn't happen that way again.

Anything Sports related / Where are all the Wilson haters now?
« on: December 09, 2012, 03:14:25 PM »
Hmmm  :rolleyes: you gyus have been pretty quiet as of late ... I hate to be the one to tell you "Told you so?" but .... I DID!  :grin:

Wolves / Public meeting by wolf advocates
« on: November 29, 2012, 12:03:23 AM »
Well awhile back I joined the Wedge Pack Wolves FB page so I could keep an eye on what these guys were doing and to occasionally put in 2 cents from the other side so to speak. You know what they say? "Keep your enemy's closer?" right? Well I don't know what good it would do or if there is any way to knock some sense into them but they are having a meeting at a public library in Sammamish if anyone is interested ... I copied this from their page ...

Laurie Hertzler
Calling Our Washington Pack!

Please join us December 29th, at 2:00 in the Sammamish Public Library to help organize direct positive action to protect Washington Wolves. We will be brainstorming ideas on how to be most effective so that we can prevent our newly recovering wolf population from being targeted and killed as they were this past year. Many of us were frustrated with the lack of action and participation from groups we had been supporting. We hope that by meeting in person and organizing with other wildlife advocates, that we can have a greater impact on future policies. Let's plan on a discussion from 2:00-3:00, and a video presentation at 3:00. More details to follow. Here is a link for directions to the library: Hope to see you there. Laurie

Deer Hunting / Montana once again (M_ray 2012) Vids added
« on: October 26, 2012, 08:58:26 AM »
So me and Flatlander are heading out in the morning for the ranch once again. I've been pretty much a pile of crap at work this week and the GF is even tired of my rutting behavior around the house  :tongue: Iput this in mixed bag cause Flatlander has a cow elk tag and we will spank some yotes and ground hogs as well!  :clap: I will keep Phool. Pope and others posted on the happenings while we are there should be another fun year I know the ranch is never a disappointment!  Accommodations will be tough but we will manage I'm sure  :clap:

Deer Hunting / M_ray's General Season buck (Vids added)
« on: October 15, 2012, 09:42:41 PM »
As some of you have heard over on JJ'S hunt thread we got it done this weekend on a couple of general WA 4pt bucks!  :clap: On the opener I sat and watched at least a hundred deer run onto the home place! To our advantage the surrounding ranches have mostly drive-able land and of coarse that's what the idiots do!  :rolleyes: So I watch them pushing deer around and soon a pretty 4 pt comes running my way and walks 50 yards from me and in usual M_ray fashion with all the talk of the numbers and quality of deer that were available this year that weren't in years past ringing in my ears, I did the right thing and ........................Let him walk!!!  :shocked: My buddy (JJ's step dad) screamed WTF are you doing? in these parts you should shoot that buck! Well as the morning progresses it looks like he might be right but I keep telling him and myself that another will come along, well it doesn't ... for now.

We meet up with JJ to see what he saw in another area and we swap stories and of coarse JJ doesn't agree with me but is with the step dad thinking I should have shot   :cry: Well I tell him where I think they ended up and me and JJ hatch a plan to go after him. We hiked our tails off and saw several groups of deer and I even got a stalk on four bucks that I could have shot with a bow but the one I had seen was not there. So one more draw or two and we would be back at the house so in the next one we see him again and I cant quite get a solid rest before he gives us the slip again!  :bash: so we head all the way around to where I saw him in the morning and we run into him again and I still can't get it done  :angry: well JJ takes off to do the end around and I pursue the way he went and not long after we split up I hear a shot and soon find out that JJ connected!  :clap: Congrats JJ that's a fine buck for that country and any general season tag. 

After getting him cleaned up and ate some lunch JJ tells me about a couple of bucks he glassed in the morning down the way a bit and so we decided to go check them out, Well right away we see four bucks bedded together and one is a giant super two  :shocked: I tell you if it were any buck I would have probably taken him he looked real tall just as I like em  :clap: anyway soon we spot another buck up feeding and rubbing his antlers and I decide he's gonna be the one and so we wait him out until he comes free of the brush and doe's that are feeding around. After getting set up jj ranges him with the Giovid hd's at 410 yards.

Thanks for returning the favor JJ  :tup: Oh and also  for helping me get him down that cliff!!!  :shocked:

Anything Sports related / Russell Wilson new Seahawk starting QB?
« on: August 25, 2012, 08:58:10 AM »
Well I wanted to post this before yesterdays game because I just knew he would do great but ran short on time.
Too short ... not enough experience yet ... but its against the 2nd teamers ... Blah Blah Blah!  :rolleyes:

Wilson put all the critics to rest last night IMO!  :clap: Personally I think he is our best QB and I want to win games so I would start him but my gut tells me that the politics of the situation will favor Flynn, politics being a huge contract  :angry: 

But back to Wilson, I love everything about this guy he's smart, electric, athletic, says all the right things & has a great attitude towards the game, his teamamtes and the coaching staff, And above all he moves the ball and wins!!! Whats not to love about this guy?

What can you say now? Flynn started and played against the first team defenses from last year of the Titans 18th, & Broncos 20th while Wilson dismantled the Chiefs 11th ranked first team ... what would he have done to the other two?
The choice is clear if you ask me!  :tup:

Fishing / WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE - Sockeye retention
« on: July 11, 2012, 04:09:23 PM »
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091
July 6, 2012
Sockeye retention prohibited from Bonneville
Dam upstream to Highway 395 Bridge in Pasco 
Action:   Prohibits retention of sockeye salmon in the mainstem Columbia River from Bonneville Dam upstream to the Highway 395 Bridge in Pasco.   
Effective dates:   July 9, 2012 until further notice.
Species affected:   Sockeye salmon.
Location:   The mainstem Columbia River from Bonneville Dam upstream to the Highway 395 Bridge in Pasco.   
Other Information:   This area remains open through July for hatchery summer chinook.   
Reason for action: The sockeye restriction is necessary because the Snake River portion of the sockeye run is listed for protection under the Endangered Species Act and non-Indian fisheries are limited to a one percent harvest rate on these fish, which is expected to be reached by July 8.
Information contact: (360) 696-6211.  For latest information press *1010.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091
June 25, 2012
Contact: Rich Childers, (360) 796-4601, ext 400
Don Velasquez, (425) 775-1311, ext. 112
Most of Puget Sound opens for sport crab fishing July 1
OLYMPIA - The recreational crab season gets under way July 1 in most of Puget Sound, where fishery managers with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) expect another good summer fishery.
All but one marine area in Puget Sound opens July 1. The exception is Marine Area 7, where the crab fishery opens July 15 in the area's southern portion (San Juan Islands/Bellingham) and Aug. 16 in the northern portion (Gulf of Georgia).
The crab fishery in all marine areas of Puget Sound will be open Thursday through Monday of each week. Crabbers should note, however, that the season gets under way with a two-day opening (July 1-2), and will be closed July 3-4 before re-opening on its regular weekly schedule Thursday, July 5.
Additional information on the crab fishery is available on WDFW's website at .
Rich Childers, shellfish policy lead for WDFW, said recent state and tribal test fisheries indicate the crab population in Puget Sound remains abundant.
"The test boats have done very well," Childers said. "I expect this summer's fishery to be similar to last year's, when crabbing was good throughout the entire season in most areas of Puget Sound."
The daily catch limit in Puget Sound is five Dungeness crab, males only, in hard-shell condition with a minimum carapace width of 6 inches. Fishers may catch six red rock crab of either sex per day, provided those crab measure at least 5 inches across.
Most marine areas will close the evening of Sept. 3 for a catch assessment. However, Marine Area 7 will remain open through Sept. 30.
Sport crabbers in Puget Sound are required to record their Dungeness crab catch on a catch record card. Separate catch record cards are issued for the summer and winter seasons. The 2012 summer cards are valid only through Sept. 3. The winter cards will be available on Aug. 15 and are valid until Dec. 31.
Catch record cards are not required to fish for Dungeness crab in the Columbia River or on the Washington coast (marine areas 1-4).
Childers reminds Puget Sound crabbers that they are required to record their Dungeness crab catch on their catch record cards immediately after retaining crab. "Having crab in your possession that are not properly recorded on a catch card is a violation and could result in a fine," he said.
Crabbers have the option of reporting their crab catch for the summer season on the Internet after Sept. 3 or by mailing in their catch cards to WDFW. The mailing address and the Internet reporting site are printed on each catch card.
"We need to hear from everyone who participates in the fishery - including those who didn't catch any crab - because more data provides greater accuracy in estimating the catch and developing future seasons," said Childers.
Crabbers who fail to file catch reports for 2012 will face a $10 fine, which will be imposed when they apply for a 2013 fishing license.
Anyone fishing for crab in Puget Sound must purchase a crab endorsement, which is free to fishers under age 15. All fishers age 15 or older also must carry an applicable Washington fishing license to fish for crab anywhere in Washington. More licensing information is available online at .
Mike Cenci, WDFW's deputy chief of enforcement, said it is important for crabbers to review the rules of the fishery before heading out on the water.
"Take the time to fully understand the rules, particularly the daily limit, how to properly measure and identify crab, and the catch record card requirements," Cenci said. "Our officers will be out on the water enforcing the regulations and ensuring boaters are complying with safe boating practices."
WDFW's Enforcement Program encourages citizens who witness a fish and wildlife offense to report the violation. Reports can be filed by calling 1-877-933-9847, email at or by text message sent to 847411 (Tip411). The text message must begin with the letters WDFWTIP followed by a space, and then a brief description of the violation and location. 

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